The finale of Miss Poland from Benelux 2014 took place on the 14th of September in the restaurant “Klein Zakopane” in Giesbeek. It was an exciting day for all of the candidates, we have all come to the end of this adventure together. And for only for one of us, it will be the beginning of a new chapter in their life.

The atmosphere backstage was just like all other fashion shows: nervous and tense. To my great surprise, I was not so nervous until the last moment. For me, it was the cherry on top to walk on the catwalk and present myself to the public and the judges. Furthermore, my best friends and family were also present, which gave me the courage and power to strut down the catwalk. Before the first time I walked on the catwalk, my heart started to beat quickly, but once I actually walked down the catwalk, it was just pure pleasure.

All of the candidates had the opportunity to present four different outfits:

  • An evening gown
  • A business look
  • Design
  • A Wedding Dress

The entire gala was presented by TV personality/comedian Leon van der Zanden. The public was charmed by his unique sense of humor. IN the meantime, while we were changing our outfits, the guests were entertained by two Polish artists: Roger Martia Maluga and Dominika Zawada.

The last event of the evening was the “question round.” Indubitably, our catwalk presentation was very important, but the question round also has a great influence on your final score.

And then, the moment we were all waiting for…the results! Standing on stage, I could feel my heart racing and breathe accelerating, but I tried to remain calm. The first title that was announced was Miss Internet 2014, and this was given to Anne Marie Raflik. Congratulations!

Next up, Miss Photo 2014 was announced…and to my great surprise, I was chosen by the photographers for this title. When I heard the announcement, I was naturally so happy! One of the prizes a beautiful portrait inspired by the photo that I had made by Alicja Wieczorek www.artona.eu. It is a memory that will forever remind of this unforgettable evening.

During the gala, the public could choose their favorite candidate by voting for her. The votes were then counted by the organization. The candidate with the most votes would win the title of Miss Public 2014. And again I was pleasantly surprised, because I also won this title. I must honestly add that I was a bit shocked when I heard this! I was of course happy, but surprised at the same time. Once again, I want to thank everyone for his or her vote. Thank you very much for this honor.

My joy was enormous after the acceptance of these two titles, and I had never even dreamed that I would win the most prestigious title of the competition. The presenter held us all in suspense until the very last moment. The second runner-up Miss Poland Benelux 2014 was won by Gabriela Kozieł, and the first runner-up was won by Milena Benedykciuk. I didn’t even know what to think anymore, everything went by so quickly and I was already so happy with my two titles, but eventually the presenter announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, the new Miss Poland in Benelux 2014 is Andżelika Chmielewska!” This was the moment when I could barely even stand, my knees were caving in and tears were welling up in my eyes. I became incredibly emotional. How could this be true? THREE TITLES! I received a beautiful crown on my head and a third sash. For the last time, I walked down the catwalk to give thanks to everyone. My body was shaking, and I could barely hold back my tears, especially when I saw my friends and family shouting in the audience. Without a doubt, I can say that this was one of the most beautiful adventure in my life. Once again, I would like to thank my friends, the organization, my coaches, and my family for the motivation and support. THANK YOU! Without you all I could have never come so far.

The new chapter in my life is about to begin.





An evening gown by  Miss Pearl Couture
























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