We live in a fast world where everyone is in a rush and sometimes it is difficult to take a moment to relax. For me, one of the ways I like to relax is to spend some time in nature and if I can, to read a book. This is what makes me happy. Recently, I visited my lovely family and I found some time to go to the park with a book in hand. This time, I borrowed a book from my mom’s personal library. I think that I have never mentioned this before, but my mother is a big fan of Marilyn Monroe, or to be specific, Norma Jeane. I think that many people would agree with me when I say that her timeless beauty is astonishing. However, my mother was not only impressed with her external beauty, but also wanted to know more about her personal life. Because of this, a new book was added to her collection, Marilyn Monroe I Am Alone diary clippings, letters, and poems. Style icon, glamor queen, sexy film star, and world famous actress. Marilyn was it all. Only rarely is she also seen as a writer. I Am Alone is a collection of a diary clippings, notes and poems that have never been shown to the public. These fragments paint a remarkable portrait of a sensitive, intelligent woman–the complete opposite image that the media created for the public. This book has been a world wide sensation. If any of you are interested in the woman she really was, I suggest this book to you.





sweatshirt – Pull & Bear

skirt – Forever 21

jacket – Mango

bag – Forever 21

shoes – River Island







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