Do you have a nice date planned soon? Or maybe a business dinner? Or maybe another occasion that you must dress elegantly for? There is a large chance that you immediately think of wearing a dress, but I think that that does not have to be the only option. Jumpsuits are still very much in fashion, and I consider them to be a wonderful option for an elegant look. Of course I am also a fan of dresses, but if you live in the Netherlands, you usually jump on your bike and ride away quickly to your next meeting. In this case, your options are limited to long skirts and dresses (which are not the easiest to cycle in), as short skirts and dresses may lead to some uncomfortable situations. Naturally, I don’t want this! In a jumpsuit, you can more easily cycle through the city while still looking nice as you arrive to your meeting. In my opinion, it is the perfect alternative in my opinion if you would like to still look elegant, but still conveniently be able to cycle through the city. Besides this, cycling through the charming city of Amsterdam is always a pleasure for me, so if the weather permits, I always prefer to cycle to my destination. What do you all think of this alternative? HOT or NOT?





coat – Forever 21

hat – H&M

jumpsuit – Jane Norman

shoes – Zara

watch – Swarovski








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